The Worlds Best Gamblers……….

20 12 2011

Today I want to recognize the most popular and biggest players in the gambling world. I personally am not expert because the only time I gamble is when I go bingo  games online with my grandma.  These guys have proven to be the best at their specific game and some of them the best at gambling on a whole. They are the professional card counters and casino’s probably hate them pretty much. Some of them you might have heard of and some are maybe not so popular but still the top contenders for the best gambler title.

The MIT Blackjack Team
This team was put together during the 90′s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The team based approach to gambling really gave the MIT team an upper hand in almost every casino. A test was run at the college to find only the best and most suitable car counters and these are the guys that now make up the formidable team. They first tested their tactics in a made up casino environment before going into the real world casinos. The team is split up now but only after they summed up about $5 Million in winnings.Edward ThorpThorp has got to be the Don of casinos. He was called the father of car counting back in the 60′s. Originally not very interested in gambling, Las Vegas changed all of that and made him think about ways to game the system or the way he would put it is “gain an advantage”. His masters degree in physics and doctorate degree in mathematics of course played a huge role in his winning hand when playing blackjack. He studied the game more in-depth than anybody else has ever considered doing and that eventually paid off pretty well for him. Thorp published two books about how to “beat the dealer” and made tons of money from just those two. His hard work and blackjack research led him to be inducted into the BlackJack Hall of Fame.

Richard Marcus
Richard was one of the best cheaters in the world of gambling. He had a method of cheating called “The Savannah” which involved hiding a $500 chip underneath a few smaller chips out of the dealers eyesight. If it was a bust then Richard would swiftly remove the $500 chip and only loss a small amount. If he won the dealer would be shocked to see why he celebrates winning such a small amount but then Richard would reveal the $500 chip and the dealer would be stunned. He used this technique to avoid drawing too much attention to the bet his making.

These are just three guys, well 2 guys and one team of guys that are probably hated by every casino in the world. These guys have laid the path for more gamblers to go and research true ways to be a professional gambler. These guys should try out 75 ball bingo and see if they can succeed there as well. That will be truly amazing. Nevertheless these guys have proven that they are to smart for any casino in the world. The only way to get around them is to have a fake deck of cards in your casino on every single table.



23 05 2011

Bingo is possibly one of the funnest games that I have played, think about it, everyone, even those that don’t play often who take the lotto still stare at the TV with hope and anticipation as the numbers are called out. Now imagine that this can be done with a far greater chance of winning and all day, you don’t have to travel to a bingo venue you can just play online bingo if you would prefer.

Its a simple game to play and basically you have a grid to play which is normally 5 rows x 5 columns and of course you pick your numbers and let the matches happen vertical horizontal or at  a criss cross, you get the picture it is easy and fun, if you don’t just check out the rules. Its not just for old people and with the online bingo promotions that I see all over you can just get the picture at how much this game is growing.

There are two main different types of bingo and those are ones played with 75 balls and 90 balls, the 75 ball in normally played in the US and Canada, while the 90 ball is played in Australia and the United Kingdom, but there places where this can vary of course. Many versions conclude the game when the first person achieves a specified pattern from the drawn numbers, usually in a straight line or at least with the games I have played, Then the winner usually has to Shout out the word “Bingo!”, this can be embarrassing especially if you scream like a girl hence why I play online Bingo. The numbers which are called in a game of bingo may be drawn utilizing a number of methods to randomly generating the ball call, now obviously with computer technology this has made it all the more easy.

You can’t really say you are good at bingo as there is very little you can do to influence or predict the outcome at Bingo. Bingo is a game of luck and is played primarily for fun, well that’s why I play it, you get a rush like you do when you go bungy jumping as you hit that final number. It may be seen as a game that is played by old people and the fact that my grandmother did teach me fits the stereotype, but it is a game that really is going in the younger generation and in the gambling community, so why not give it a bash.

I am going to the fun capital of the world and I plan to love every second, all I can say is that they better have Bingo or I am getting straight back on that plane….lol